Mission & Values


The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) is a 501c3, next-generation cybersecurity think tank cultivating a cybersecurity renaissance for our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure community. 


ICIT June 7th 2017 WEB-8266The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology acts as a conduit between the private sector, federal agencies, and the legislative community.  We facilitate a powerful platform of advisory, programs, cutting-edge research, and publications that support the exchange of ideas and provide a forum for our members to engage in the open, non-partisan discourse needed to effectively support and protect our Nation’s critical infrastructures.  ICIT understands that through generative and focused dialogue, private sector companies will be better able to provide the technologies needed by government and critical infrastructure leaders responsible for building, managing, and securing vital sectors of our economy such as healthcare, finance, energy, transportation, government, and defense.
ICIT bridges the gap between the legislative community, federal agencies, and critical infrastructure industry leaders by engaging the most innovative technology providers in key areas including Cybersecurity, Internet-of-Things, Artifical Intelligence, Industrial Control Systems, Health IT, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.  
Together, industry and government can successfully defend against our Nation’s adversaries by developing strategies to maximize resources, leverage expertise, best use technology, and strategically align resources to support common missions and goals.



ICIT Statement of Values

Dear Colleagues,

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) has made accountability, transparency, and integrity the bedrock of its value system.  As a nonprofit nongovernmental organization, our mission is to support and protect the critical infrastructure sectors of the United States of America and its allies.  To realize this mission, ICIT and its Fellows provide objective analytical research made publically available to policy makers, government leaders, and critical infrastructure stakeholders around the world.

ICIT does not take any policy positions, engage in political activities, or lobby lawmakers or government officials.  Our Fellows and content contributors, all of whom are publically listed in our briefings and/or website, provide bipartisan, vendor agnostic technology recommendations on today’s most pressing critical infrastructure challenges.   At no time does ICIT advocate for or against any legislation, for-profit company, or political issue.   As a means of ensuring that ICIT Fellows adhere to these policies, Fellows are not allowed to engage with policymakers without the involvement of an ICIT Sr. Fellow, all of whom are full time employees of ICIT.

To eliminate influence from outside interests, the Institute’s operating expenses are funded by a single-tier Fellow dues model which safeguards parity among Fellows.

At no time does ICIT represent the interests of a single Fellow or a group of Fellows.  To ensure highly analytical vendor neutral research products, all ICIT briefs contain insights and research from multiple ICIT Fellows and undergo peer-review.  The Institute also encourages multiple providers of the same technology or solution (i.e. competitors in the open market) to join its Fellows program so the expertise provided in one subject area contains multiple perspectives.  In the spirit of honesty and transparency and to promote the sharing of knowledge with the community, all briefs are made available at no cost to the public via the ICIT website.

ICIT’s reputation as a worldwide leader of cutting edge research comes not only from the quality of its insights, but the standards and integrity of its written work.  We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and all publications accurately attribute content from its source.

As a modern think tank, the Institute is a firm believer of equality in the workplace and supports diversity of all kinds among its staff and Fellows.  ICIT does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any form.

ICIT understands the pivotal role educators play in providing trusted research to policy makers as part of their decision making process.  We are honored to be a conduit between honest experts and those agency and legislative leaders in need of knowledge.  By adhering to these values, our Fellows, researchers, and government partners can be absolute in their confidence that together, they are strengthening the critical infrastructure sectors of this great Nation and ensuring the availability of critical services for civilians, civil servants, and members of our military.


Parham Eftekhari Sign



Parham Eftekhari
Sr. Fellow