Public Policy & Thought Leadership Initiatives
ICIT Initiatives bridge the gap between the legislative community, federal agencies, critical infrastructure companies and technology providers by providing powerful forums for education, collaboration and relationships building.
Institute Programs & Events
Through monthly Executive Briefings, Expert Panels and Agency Spotlights, ICIT programs help strengthen the critical infrastructure community, improve the cybersecurity and resiliency of networks, and increase the impact of investments and policy efforts.
Federal Agency & Sector Engagement
ICIT advises decision makers on technology and cybersecurity trends in critical infrastructure sectors including Government / Defense, Healthcare and Public Health, Energy, Finance and Critical Manufacturing.

What is ICIT?


ICIT is a 501c3, next-generation cybersecurity think tank cultivating a cybersecurity-centric renaissance for our Nation's critical infrastructure community.

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Federal Agency & Legislative Advising

As trusted advisors to the legislative & federal agency community, ICIT Fellows provide technology and cybersecurity research and expertise

Federal Agency & Legislative Advising

Events & Expert Panels


ICIT briefings, meetings and events bring together public / private sector thought leaders to share insights on various cybersecurity topics thought the year.

Events & Expert Panels </br></br>    

Fellows Program


Qualified technology organizations and agency executives can apply for the ICIT Fellows program, an exclusive opportunity to contribute as a national thought leader..

Fellows Program </br></br>