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The ICIT Ransomware Report: 2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage

Institute note: during our non-public soft distribution, we discovered that an incorrect, pre-edited version of this document was distributed. We have since corrected this error.  Our Ransomware Report is available for download below.

20Ransomwrare cover16 is the year ransomware will wreak havoc on America’s critical infrastructure community. The resurgence of these attacks is driven by a growing attack surface comprised of internet enabled devices and a keen understanding by Advanced Persistent Threat groups that ransomware is under-combated and highly profitable. The “ICIT Ransomware Report: 2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage” is a comprehensive analysis of ransomware threats and mitigation strategies which provides insight on:

  • The origins of ransomware
  • The types of ransomware (Locky, TeslaCrypt/EccKrypt, Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, CTB-Locker and hybrid ransomware)
  • Ransomware distribution techniques (Phishing, Wateringhole, Malvertising, Traffic Distribution Systems (TDS), etc.)
  • The systems most susceptible to ransomware (personal computers, mobile devices, servers, IoT devices, etc.)
  • The targets for ransomware (the average user, businesses, law enforcement and government, organizations in the healthcare, financial and educational sectors, etc.)
  • How to mitigate ransomware (a 4 step process)
  • Future threats to watch out for
  • What to do when a compromise occurs

The following experts contributed to this report:

  • James Scott (Sr. Fellow & Co-Founder, ICIT)
  • Drew Spaniel (Visiting Scholar, ICIT)
  • Igor Baikolov (ICIT Fellow – Chief Scientist, Securonix)
  • John Menkhart (ICIT Fellow – Vice President, Federal, Securonix)
  • George Kamis, (ICIT Fellow – CTO, Forcepoint Federal)
  • Stacey Winn (ICIT Fellow – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector, Forcepoint)

Download the brief here:




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