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The Cybersecurity Show Must Go On: Surpassing Security Theatre and Minimal Compliance Regulations


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The United States Cybersecurity culture is heavily rooted in practices of Security Theater, where an organization that suffers a data breach can invest in countermeasures that provide a feeling or sense of security without actually improving the cybersecurity threat posture of the organization.

In this publication, entitled “The Cybersecurity Show Must Go On:  Surpassing Security Theatre and Minimal Compliance Regulations”, ICIT provides a brief analysis of this phenomenon to bring attention to this ineffective approach to cybersecurity and discuss its far-reaching implications.

ICIT invites readers to attend the ICIT Winter Summit (January 23, 2017; Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City) where the Nation’s top cybersecurity experts will further explore the concepts discussed in this paper.

This paper was authored by James Scott (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) and Drew Spaniel (Researcher, ICIT).


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