The 2018 ICIT Annual Forum: The Cybersecurity Renaissance Is Here

bannerPublic and private critical infrastructure sectors are relentlessly pummeled by nation-state, mercenary, criminal and cyber jihadists who pilfer poorly architected networks and exploit vulnerabilities in software and devices built without adhering to principles of security-by-design. These bad actors steal data for economic gain or counterintelligence purposes and victimize citizens whose inadequately protected PII is exfiltrated and used for nefarious purposes.

Despite an era where cybersecurity budgets, awareness, and capabilities are at an all-time high, adversaries continue to win. Meaningful advances in critical infrastructure protection require an awakening among cyber and national security community leaders. Current processes, models, and investments must be evaluated and reprioritized to shift away from security theatre toward true defense grade layered security.

The time for this awakening, this Cybersecurity Renaissance, is Here. And ICIT and our Fellows are leading from the trenches as we move forward as a community.

At the Annual ICIT Forum, 400 of the world’s top public and commercial sector cybersecurity experts will convene to have meaningful, research-based discussions and roundtable sessions on the topics which will drive the changes desperately needed to make a quantum leap in our security posture. The curriculum will cover topics such as:

  • Supply Chain / Value Chain Security
  • Security by Design
  • Russian and Chinese Threats
  • Security Automation and Orchestration
  • Data Security
  • Operational Technology Security
  • IT Modernization
  • Information Warfare
  • IoT Security
  • Blockchain
  • SecDevOps
  • B2B Cybersecurity Education
  • GDPR

Speakers Include

  • Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco
  • James Scott, Sr. Fellow & Co-Founder, ICIT
  • Donald Heckman Jr., Acting Chief, Information Assurance Capabilities, NSA
  • Rod Turk, Acting CIO, Department of Commerce
  • Jerry Davis, ICIT Fellow & CIO, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Susan Farrand, Division Director, Department of Energy
  • Robin Berg, CIO, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Commerce
  • Rob Bathurst, Worldwide Managing Director, Healthcare & Embedded Systems, Cylance
  • Rodney Petersen, Director, NICE, NIST
  • Jonathan Feibus, CISO, NRC
  • Licerio (Jay) Ribeiro, CISO, Federal Elections Commission
  • Josh Phillips, Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, Epoch Times
  • Parham Eftekhari, Sr. Fellow & Co-Founder, ICIT

Please visit to learn more about this important cybersecurity forum and how you can participate.

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