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National Security Depends on the Utilization of the MGT Act

by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT Nearly three-quarters of the $80 billion annually spent on federal IT systems is allocated towards the upkeep and maintenance of outdated and vulnerable legacy systems. The majority of these systems predate the Internet, many were “Frankensteined “together ad hoc from technologies that are now older than those tasked with .. read more

ICIT Brief: Dispelling the Fear of IT Modernization

IT modernization is confounded by shoestring budgets, system incompatibilities, and the inability to take critical systems offline for long enough to transition to more modern and secure technology. Despite all appearances, however, modernization is not actually governed by dollars and hardware. Cybersecurity modernization is a state of mind. It is a battle that CIOs and .. read more

ICIT Gala and Benefit

  Honorees 2016 ICIT Pioneer: General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, Former Director, NSA & U.S. Cyber Command 2016 ICIT Pinnacle Award:  Tony Scott, Federal CIO   Click Here for Tickets and Underwriting  

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