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Preparing the Battlefield: The Coming Espionage Culture Post OPM Breach

As part of its continued analysis of the OPM breach, ICIT’s most recent brief entitled “Preparing the Battlefield: The Coming Espionage Culture Post OPM Breach” discusses the significant impact the breach will have on America’s national security.  The large number of victims, many of whom hold security clearances, combined with the personal nature of the information stolen gives the threat actor a treasure trove of data which can be used for blackmail and espionage efforts.  Databases will likely be created to mine for information and big data systems employed to predict behaviors on our nations top intelligence officials.  If unchecked, victims of the breach may be re-victimized in the future in an attempt by the threat actor to cause further harm against our Nation.

“This brief gives the reader an understanding of how the threat actor will most likely use the data stolen from OPM.” said Parham Eftekhari, a Sr Fellow at ICIT. “The scenarios presented by our researchers in this analysis are critical for agencies and victims to digest as we move forward as a Nation in responding to this breach, a process which will require vigilance for decades to come.”

The following experts contributed to this brief:

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