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Next Generation Defenses for a Hyper Evolving Threat Landscape: An Anthology of ICIT Fellow Essays Volume I

Anthology Volume1

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The onslaught of attacks on our Critical Infrastructure sectors by nation state, mercenary, criminal and cyber jihadist APTs is robbing organizations of millions worth of IP and victimizing citizens whose inadequately protect PII is being exfiltrated and used for economic gain or counterintelligence purposes. Organizations must be on the forefront of bleeding-edge cybersecurity technologies and strategies in order to defend their data and systems.

ICIT’s most recent publication, entitled “Next Generation Defenses for a Hyper Evolving Threat Landscape: An Anthology of ICIT Fellow Essays Volume I,” is a compilation of essays written by ICIT Fellows and Contributors which offer a wide-ranging look at some of the most impactful cybersecurity defenses that should be leveraged by public and private sector organizations.

Essay Topics Include:

  • The Necessity of Encryption for Preserving Critical Infrastructure Integrity: Protecting Data At-Rest, In Transit, and During Processing with Format Preserving Encryption
  • Legacy Systems are the “Lowest Hanging Fruit”: Improving Information Security by Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Modernized Systems
  • If You Like Your Data, Put a Crypto on It!
  • The NIST Risk Management Framework: Problems & Recommendations
  • The Impact of Data on Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Intelligence Fusion
  • ICS Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning
  • Protecting the Data – The Final Battle? Can Behavior Analytics Technology be the Answer?
  • Only Modern Solutions Can Combat Modern Threats: The Necessity of Modernization & Intelligent Solutions to Secure Critical Infrastructure Systems
  • Layered Security Policies

The following experts contributed essays to this anthology:

  • James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
  • Malcolm Harkins, ICIT Fellow & Chief Security & Trust Officer, Cylance
  • John Kupcinski, ICIT Fellow & Director, Federal Cybersecurity, KPMG
  • Michael Lipinski, ICIT Fellow & CISO, Securonix
  • Don MacLean, ICIT Fellow and Chief Security Strategist, DLT
  • Stan Mierzwa, ICIT Fellow & Director of Information Technology, The Population Council
  • Jack D. Oden, ICIT Contributor & Principal Project Manager, Parsons Critical Infrastructure Operation
  • Rob Roy, ICIT Fellow and Federal CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Michael Seguinot, ICIT Fellow & Federal Director, Exabeam
  • Robert Talbot, ICIT Contributor & Senior IT Manager, Parsons Information Security Office


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