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Legislative Brief “Moving Forward: How Victims Can Regain Control & Mitigate Threats in the Wake of the OPM Breach”

In June 2015, the Nation learned that the personnel records of 21.5 million United States citizens had been exfiltrated by an unknown adversary from the Office of Personnel Management, one of the largest known breaches in the history of the U.S. Government.  The immediate public outcry included congressional hearings attributing the breach to OPM administrators and nation states and a nationwide media frenzy consumed with criticizing the government’s cybersecurity posture.  Noticeably absent from the response however has been sustained and meaningful support for the victims of the breach.

In ICIT’s most recent legislative brief entitled “Moving Forward: How Victims Can Regain Control & Mitigate Threats in the Wake of the OPM Breach“, ICIT Fellows discuss the short-term (6-12 months), medium-term (1-5 years) and long-term (5-10+ years) threats faced by federal agencies and victims of the OPM breach.  The brief also provides recommendations on how agencies and victims can mitigate these risks through a combination of vigilance, governance, and technology.  This brief will be distributed and presented to members of the House and Senate, federal agency technology leaders and members of the critical infrastructure community.

The following ICIT Fellows contributed to this brief:

– James Scott (ICIT Senior Fellow – Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology)

– Drew Spaniel (ICIT Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Mellon University)

– Malcolm Harkins (ICIT Fellow –Global Chief Information Security Officer, Cylance Corporation)

– Rob Roy (ICIT Fellow – Federal Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Public Sector, HP)

– Cynthia Cullen (ICIT Fellow – Security Strategist, HP)

– Stan Wisseman (ICIT Fellow – Security Strategist, HP)

– Chris Schumacher (ICIT Researcher – Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology)

– Stewart Draper (ICIT Fellow – Director of Insider Threat, Securonix)

– John Menkart, (ICIT Fellow – VP Federal, Securonix)

– Igor Baikalov (ICIT Fellow – Chief Scientist, Securonix)

– Adam Firestone (Contributor– President and General Manager, KGSS Inc.)

Download a copy of the brief here.

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