Videos & Interviews

Ingredients of a Russian Influence Operation – James Scott (CCIOS, ICIT)

Rob Joyce (White House) Discusses Cyber Offense & Priorities – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Breach Response Strategies from Rick Ledgett, Former Dpt. Director, NSA – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Cyber Offense Redefined w/Zero Trust Security: Tom Kemp – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Senator Ed Markey Welcomes Attendees to the 2018 ICIT Winter Summit & Discusses the Cyber Shield Act

Security Automation & Orchestration at the U.S. Marine Corps – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit (R. Letteer)

Security Automation & Orchestration at DHS w/Paul Beckman, Dpt. CISO – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Security-by-Design for Cyber Offense w/Jerry Davis (NASA), Erin Joe (FBI) – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Zero Trust X: Evolution of the Zero Trust Model (Dr. Cunningham, Forrester), 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

ICIT Fellow Insights: Securing Rapid Application Delivery with DevOps w/Stan Wisseman (Micro Focus)

ICIT Fellow Insights: Securing Hybrid Cloud Environments w/Syed Masood (Trend Micro)

ICIT Fellow Insights: Maturity in Threat Intelligence w/Travis Farral (Anomali)

ICIT Fellow Insights: Solving the Identity Challenge w/Greg Cranley (Centrify)

ICIT Fellow Insights: NIST Risk Management Framework: Challenges and Solutions w/Don Maclean (DLT)

ICIT Fellow Insights; The Impact of Data on Cybersecurity w/Michael Seguinot (Exabeam)

ICIT Cyber Intelligence Briefing: Metadata & Dragnet Surveillance: (James Scott)

ICIT Cyber Intelligence Briefing: Health Sector Cybersecurity Priorities (Chris Wlaschin, CIO, HHS)

ICIT Cyber Intelligence Briefing: Air Force CIO Priorities for 2018 (Bill Marion)

2017 ICIT Forum: Cybersecurity Priorities at the House of Representatives – Congressman Jim Langevin

2017 ICIT Forum: Top Threats to our National Security (N. Ziering; NSA)

2017 ICIT Forum: Anatomy of a Frankensteined Network- J. Routh, C. Wlaschin, M. Hermus

2017 ICIT Forum: Rise of the Machines: IoT/Supply Chain- D. Soulules, R. Cloutier

ICIT Al Jazeera Interview – James Scott Discusses WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Is hacking the election easy?

Congressional Briefing: Strengthening Election Cybersecurity

ICIT Brief: Hacking Elections is Easy!

ICIT Brief: Cyber Hygiene in the Digital Age

ICIT Senate Briefing: Layered Security Strategies for Health Sector Organizations

ICIT Senate Briefing – The Deep Web Exploitation of Health Sector Breach Victims