Cybersecurity & Technology Videos from ICIT

Missed one of ICIT’s briefings or events?  Check out some of the Nation’s top cybersecurity and technology thought leaders below as they discuss top cybersecurity and technology topics including national security threats, how to protect our nation’s critical infrastructures, cutting edge solutions for public and private sectors, best practices, and more.

TEDx Talk: Are You Our Best Hope for Cybersecurity?

Admiral (Ret) Michael Rogers 2018 ICIT Pioneer Acceptance Speech

Essye B. Miller (DoD) 2018 ICIT Impact Award Recipient Acceptance Speech

Karen Evans (Energy) 2018 ICIT Pinnacle Award Recipient Acceptance Speech

Parham Eftekhari 2018 ICIT Gala & Benefit Welcome Address: Relationships Matter

Rob Joyce (White House) Discusses Cyber Offense Priorities

Breach Response Strategies from Rick Ledgett, Former Dpt. Director, NSA – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Senator Ed Markey Welcomes Attendees to the 2018 ICIT Winter Summit; Discusses the Cyber Shield Act

Security Automation and Orchestration at the U.S. Marine Corps – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit (R. Letteer)

Security Automation and Orchestration at DHS w/Paul Beckman, Dpt. CISO – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

Security-by-Design for Cyber Offense w/Jerry Davis (NASA), Erin Joe (FBI) – 2018 ICIT Winter Summit

ICIT Fellow Insights: Securing Rapid Application Delivery with DevOps w/Stan Wisseman (Micro Focus)

ICIT Fellow Insights: NIST Risk Management Framework: Challenges and Solutions w/Don Maclean (DLT)

ICIT Cyber Intelligence Briefing: Health Sector Cybersecurity Priorities (Chris Wlaschin, CISO, HHS)

ICIT Cyber Intelligence Briefing: Air Force CIO Priorities for 2018 (Bill Marion)

2017 ICIT Forum: Cybersecurity Priorities at the House of Representatives – Congressman Jim Langevin

2017 ICIT Forum: Top Threats to our National Security (N. Ziering; NSA)

2017 ICIT Forum: Anatomy of a Frankensteined Network- J. Routh, C. Wlaschin, M. Hermus

2017 ICIT Forum: Rise of the Machines: IoT/Supply Chain- D. Soulules, R. Cloutier

ICIT Brief: Hacking Elections is Easy!

ICIT Brief: Cyber Hygiene in the Digital Age

ICIT Senate Briefing: Layered Security Strategies for Health Sector Organizations

ICIT Senate Briefing – The Deep Web Exploitation of Health Sector Breach Victims