ICIT Healthcare Critical InfrastructureThe move toward electronic health records and the digitization of our healthcare model has revolutionized care delivery across the country.  There is an immediate need to understand how technological innovations in Population Health, Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, Analytics, Telemedicine, and mHealth are impacting care delivery and what legislation, technologies and governmental institutions are required to support this new health ecosystem.



ICIT is currently focused on the following topics relating to the Healthcare and Public Health Sector:
  • Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Records and Patient PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Secure Health Information Sharing and Interoperability
  • Population Health Technologies and Strategies
  • Patient Engagement, Wellness and Preventative Care
  • Rural Healthcare
  • Using Informatics and Big Data in Healthcare
  • Efficiency in attaining Affordable Care Act Meaningful Use Requirements
Key Technologies to support the Healthcare and Public Health Sector:
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Security, Risk Management, Privacy and Compliance Technologies
  • Informatics, Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Population Health Technologies
  • Patient Engagement
  • mHealth & Telemedicine
  • Cloud Computing
  • Process Optimization, Decision Support and Lifecycle Management