ICIT Critical Infrastructure CybersecurityIdentifying the right technologies to protect the critical infrastructure sectors of our country is one of the most important domestic policy issues facing legislators.  The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology plays an important role in bringing together innovative cybersecurity technology providers with industry, federal and legislative leaders in order to better protect critical assets.


 ICIT is currently focused on the following topics relating to cybersecurity and critical infrastructures:
  • Sector Specific Cybersecurity:  Government, Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Critical Manufacturing, Defense, Retail, Communications, Information Technology,
  • Threat Information Sharing (ISAOs, ISACs, Legislation, B2G, B2B, G2G)
  • Presidential Order 13,636: Improving Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy of Federal Agency Networks and Systems
  • Threat Intelligence & Big Data in Protecting Critical Infrastructures
  • Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Records and Patient PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Hackers, Enemy States and Terrorists Use of Cyber Warfare
  • Consumer Confidence in Critical Infrastructures
Key Technologies to support Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure
  • Big Data, Advanced Analytics & Threat Intelligence
  • Data Encryption, Loss Prevention
  • SIEM (Breach Management, Access Management, Threat Detection, Risk Management)
  • SmartGrid Security
  • Industrial Control System Security (SCADA, DCS, PLC)
  • Network and Application Testing
  • Mobile & Cloud Security
  • Process Optimization, Decision Support and Lifecycle Management