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The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology co-hosted and spoke at the inaugural Health Sector Fly-In Tuesday June 2, 2015, which was held at the United States Senate  and sponsored by Senator Lamar Alexander (TN).  As a member of the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH), Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) and the SCC Cyber Legislation Committee, ICIT along with co-organizer the National Health ISAC lead about 100 attendees through a series of 3 panel discussions aimed at educating the legislative community on the challenges currently facing the healthcare critical infrastructure sector.  Executive participants included legislative staffers, federal leaders from HHS, Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ISACs and healthcare providers, payers and technology companies.

A key message which emerged from the meeting was the need for the healthcare community to change its mindset toward security if significant progress is to occur.  “There needs to be a shared accountability among stakeholders and we need to make security a top priority” stated Carlos Kizzie (Executive Director, Defense Security Information Exchange). Mr. Kizzie later went on to specifically address the vulnerabilities medical devices bring to the healthcare ecosystem, stating  “Medical devices no longer stand alone (…) cyber attacks against them will prevail if nothing is done”.

Parham Eftekhari, a Sr. Fellow and Co-Founder at ICIT, echoed these sentiments in his opening remarks by reminding attendees that the “…attack surface healthcare organizations must defend has grown dramatically due to the Internet of Things.  The number of vulnerability points you must now protect is massive and growing every day.”  Mr. Eftekhari also emphasized the important role that educating the legislative community plays in ensuring strong cybersecurity legislation, reminding attendees of their responsibility to support policy makers through advising and thought leadership efforts.

ICIT Fellow Dan Waddell (Managing Director, National Capitol Region, ISC2) also spoke at the event, acting as a moderator on a panel titled “Cybersecurity Intelligence Information Sharing and Risk Management – Policy and Legislation”.


About ICIT: The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (www.ICITech.org) is a non-partisan think tank providing objective advising to the legislative and federal community on technology and cybersecurity issues.  ICIT Fellows provide expertise on technology legislation as well as general thought leadership to Senate and House members, congressional staffers, federal agency leaders and the critical infrastructure community through ICIT briefings and other direct engagements.


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