ICIT Publication: I Got 99 Problems But a Breach Ain’t One

99 ProbCritical Infrastructure Information Security systems are failing under persistent adversarial efforts because too many organizations still depend on antiquated legacy systems, un-cyber-hygienic personnel, and devices that lack security-by-design. This is not merely a cyberwar, we are now in a state of cyber-kinetic-meta war. There was no clear beginning and there will be no end. The pervasiveness of the Internet-of-Things, the ubiquity of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, and the emergence of the machine-human convergence, where users are perpetually interconnected with vulnerable systems, only compounds the hyper-evolving attack surface.

In this publication, entitled “I Got 99 Problems But a Breach Ain’t One,” James Scott, Sr. Fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, presents an anthology of some of his most important publications which provide an analysis of threats and solutions for critical infrastructure sectors including healthcare, finance, energy, defense industrial base and the Government.

Topics include:

  • It’s the Russians!… Or is it? Cold War Rhetoric in the Digital Age
  • “Fake News” is “Old News” for Nation State and Mercenary APTs
  • Recommendations for Preventing Ransomware Exploitation
  • WannaCry Ransomware & The Perils of Shoddy Attribution: It’s the Russians! No Wait, It’s the North Koreans!
  • There’s Proof That North Korea Launched the WannaCry Attack? Not So Fast! – A Warning against Premature, Inconclusive, and Distracting Attribution
  • Dragnet Surveillance Nation: How Data Brokers Sold Out America
  • S.J. Res. 34 – Introduction of Privatized Censorship: The Final Blow to America’s Cybersecurity Posture and the Institutionalization of a Corporate Run American Surveillance State
  • The Surveillance State & Censorship Legislation Conundrum: Dragnet Surveillance & Censorship Legislation Will Do Nothing to Eliminate Cyber Jihad and Lone Wolf Recruiting
  • Metadata: The Most Potent Weapon in Cyberwar:  The New Cyber-Kinetic-Meta War
  • The Necessity of Encryption for Preserving Critical Infrastructure Integrity: Protecting Data At-Rest, In-Transit, and During Processing with Format Preserving Encryption
  • America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera
  • The Cyber Shield Act: Is the Legislative Community Finally Listening to Cybersecurity Experts?
  • HHS Takes a Quantum Leap Forward to Secure the Health Sector: A Fortunate Solution to the Rampant Risk of Minimalistic, Self-Governing Bureaucracy

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