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ICIT Publication: Dragnet Surveillance Nation: How Data Brokers Sold Out America

Dragnet Surveillance

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With recent accusations of fake news and the weaponization of information as a mechanism of steering public perceptions dominating headlines around the world, have you ever considered the reality that private dragnet surveillance via social media properties, ISPs, search engines, health sector organizations etc., heavily contribute to the problems of adversarial intervention and streamlined distribution of malware, ransomware, other forms of malicious payloads and propaganda? Adversaries use private sector dragnet surveillance data in combination with demographic and psychographic big data analytics to surgically pinpoint pivotal targets within the population.  Every single breach results in an adversary exfiltrating expansive treasure troves of information that can be sold, exploited, or manipulated to facilitate future breaches of critical infrastructure and private sector systems.

In this publication, entitled “Dragnet Surveillance Nation: How Data Brokers Sold Out America,” the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of this underreported and poorly understood threat to our Nation’s critical infrastructures.  Specifically, the report discusses:

  • The Next-Generation of Hybrid Information Warfare
  • American vs. Global Privacy Initiatives
  • Background on the Data Broker Industry and Major Players
  • How Collected Data can be Leveraged to Manipulate Population Perception
  • How Cyber Adversaries Weaponize Psychographic Data for Precision Targeted Attacks
  • and much more…


Please join us at the June 7, 2017 ICIT Critical Infrastructure Forum to learn more about the findings of this research report and other bleeding edge cybersecurity topics.

This paper was authored by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT.




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