ICIT’s monthly “Cyber Legislation & Federal Initiatives Webcast” provides an efficient yet powerful summary of ICIT’s monthly analyst reports covering new cybersecurity, technology, and privacy related legislation and federal agency initiatives. Pre-Briefing, all ICIT Members are sent 2 separate ICIT Analyst Reports detailing the content discussed during this webinar. Monthly “ICIT Analyst Reports,” include analysis, summaries, and news on:

  • Cybersecurity Legislation – A review of new legislation and movement on existing legislation organized by categories (election integrity, homeland security, energy sector, health sector, privacy, etc.).
  • Federal Agency Initiatives – A listing of new federal agency initiatives and major happenings focused on cybersecurity, technology, and privacy.

For more details on ICIT Individual and Corporate Membership, please visit https://icitech.org/support-icit/