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ICIT Brief – The Anatomy of Cyber-Jihad: Cyberspace is the New Great Equalizer

Cyber Jihad Cover

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Until now it has been fairly easy to categorize malicious cyber-actors as State Sponsored APT, Hacktivist, Mercenary and Script Kiddie. However, a new threat actor has emerged who uses technological means to bring terror and chaos to our nation and its allies: the Cyber-Jihadist.

Cyber-Jihad has quickly arrived on the scene and will only continue to grow and hyper-evolve. As a well-funded adversary, Cyber-Jihadists can easily outsource the more sophisticated attacks, purchase potent zero days, infiltrate and map networks and exfiltrate and manipulate data from America’s virtually unprotected Internet of Things.

In this brief, entitled “The Anatomy of Cyber-Jihad: Cyberspace is the New Great Equalizer”, ICIT provides a comprehensive analysis on the following:

  • Organizations Covered
    • Al Qaeda
    • Al Shabaab
    • Boko Harem
    • ISIS
  • Analysis of ISIS as a Cyber-threat
    • Motives, Means
    • Resources, Recruitment
    • Cyber Caliphate
    • Publications
    • The ISIS “Help Desk”
    • Applications
    • Capabilities
  • Vulnerabilities
    • Insider Threat
    • Media
    • ICS and SCADA Systems
    • Financial Sector

ICIT will host a briefing on this publication in Washington D.C. June 29, 2016. Click here for more details and to register.

This brief was authored by James Scott (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) and Drew Spaniel (Researcher, ICIT).

The following ICIT Fellows contributed to this brief:

  • Todd Helfrich, ICIT Fellow (Anomali)
  • Malcolm Harkins, ICIT Fellow (Cylance)
  • John Miller, ICIT Fellow (Cylance)

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