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ICIT Brief – China’s Espionage Dynasty: Economic Death by a Thousand Cuts



The criminal culture of theft that has been injected into virtually every line of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan is unprecedented. From state sponsored smash and grab hacking and techno-pilfering, to corporate espionage and targeted theft of IP, never before in recorded history has IP transfer occurred at such a rapid velocity.

In this report, entitled “China’s Espionage Dynasty: Economic Death by a Thousand Cuts,” ICIT offers a comprehensive analysis of the primary structure of Chinese espionage initiatives and discuss the layers of espionage and theft as well as the malicious actors who carry out these overt and covert attacks on Western industry.  Specifically, this report discusses:

  • China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan
  • Economic Impact of Intellectual Property Theft
  • The Structure of Chinese Espionage
    • Covert Spy Structure
    • Joint Staff Department
    • Second Department
    • Third Department
    • Fourth Department
  • State-Sponsored APTs
    • PLA Unit 61398/ APT 1/ Comment Panda/ Comment Crew/ TG-8223
    • PLA Unit 61486/ APT2/ Putter Panda/ TG-6952
    • Deep Panda/ APT 19/ Shell Crew/ Black Vine/ Kung Fu Kitten
    • PLA Unit 78020/ APT 30/ Naikon
    • Axiom/ Winnti Group
    • Hurricane Panda
    • Gothic Panda/ APT 3/ UPS/ Pirpi/ Clandestine Fox/ TG-0110
    • NetTraveler/ Travnet/ Netfile
    • Mirage/APT 15/ Vixen Panda/ Ke3Chang/ GREF/ Playful Dragon
    • Hellsing/ Goblin Panda
    • Stone Panda
    • Nightshade Panda
    • Anchor Panda
    • Numbered Panda/ APT 12/ IXESHE/ DYNCALC/ JOY RAT/ Etumbot
    • Hidden Lynx / Aurora
  • Overt Spy Structure
    • United Front Department
    • Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
    • Consulates and Embassies
    • Tongs and Hometown Associations
    • Triads and Street Gangs
    • Chinese Student and Scholars Associations
    • Academic Solicitation
    • Front Companies
    • Insider Threats
    • Monitored Communities

ICIT will host a briefing on this publication in Washington D.C. July 28, 2016:  click here for more details and to register

This report was authored by James Scott (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) and Drew Spaniel (Researcher, ICIT).

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