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ICIT Announces Summer Initiatives

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology announced its summer initiatives today, covering a broad range of critical infrastructure topics in support of the legislative calendar, various federal and state government initiatives and the needs of critical infrastructure sectors around the country.

If your organization is interested in providing expertise to any of the initiatives below, contact Sr. Fellow Parham Eftekhari at

Legislative Briefs

  • Mobility in Healthcare – published
  • Senate Bill 754 – Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)  in progress
  • Improving Data Security in the Government Sector
  • The Convergence of Physical and Cyber Security
  • How the IoT is Changing Security Requirements
  • How to Protect Industrial Control Systems

Advisory Meetings with Legislators– ICIT will be holding meetings on Capitol Hill with members of Congress, Senate and Sr. Staffers during the Months of June, July and August with an emphasis on these areas:

  • Health Sector
    • Medical Device Security
    • Data Privacy
    • Healthcare Data Breach Prevention, Detection and Response
    • Health Information Sharing


  • Energy / Utilities / Critical Manufacturing Sector
    • Protecting Smart Cities & Smart Grids
    • Convergence of Physical & Cyber Security
    • Industrial Control Systems Security


  • Government Sector
    • Analysis of the OPM Breach
    • Protecting Federal Data
    • IoT in Federal Agencies
    • Mobility in Government


  • Financial Sector
    • Reducing and Preventing Fraud
    • Cybersecurity for Retail Organizations
    • Mobile Banking Technologies
    • Protecting the Financial Sector from Cyber Attacks

Other ICIT Meetings

  • ICIT Lunch & Learn – Securing Data for Today’s Government Agency (June 23rd)
  • ICIT Fellows Meeting – July 30th
  • ICIT Congressionally  Sponsored Workshops – TBD in July / August
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