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ICIT Analysis: The Wound Collectors – Profiling the Self Radicalized Lone-Wolf Terrorist

Wound Collectors


Acts of domestic terrorism in the West are escalating at an alarming rate. Lone wolf attacks and attackers have sparked public, political and law enforcement curiosity due to the, seemingly, random and independent action of a self-radicalized extremist with modest or no ties directly to the group in which they proclaim the action to be dedicated. In order to combat the escalation of this profound domestic threat, a more comprehensive understanding of the perplexing composition of the lone wolf is urgently needed.

This report, entitled “ICIT Analysis: The Wound Collectors: Profiling the Self Radicalized Lone-Wolf Terrorist” delves into the early and late stage development of the Lone Wolf while explaining the various stages of development and contributing factors that go into breeding this new and malicious threat.  Authors James Scott (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) and Drew Spaniel (Researcher, ICIT) shed light on the telltale characteristics of the domestic, homegrown, lone wolf who carries out acts of terror in the name of extremist groups including:

  • The Stages of Lone Wolf Development: Ideation, Isolation, Action
  • Contributing Factors: Ideology, Mental Health, Propaganda
  • The Role of Technology in Expediting the Process of Self-Radicalization

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