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ICIT Analysis: The Graham-Klobuchar Amendment Can Secure Election Infrastructure

Graham KlobucharElection integrity is a non-partisan issue that merits significant bipartisan support. Multiple players are capable of exploiting the vulnerabilities present in the often insecure, black-box proprietary code and unsecurable, antiquated legacy technology upon which U.S. election tabulation infrastructure relies. The Graham-Klobuchar Amendment aims at achieving Secure State Election Infrastructure through a Federal-State collaborative commission of stakeholders.

In this analysis, entitled “The Graham-Klobuchar Amendment Can Secure Election Infrastructure: It’s Time for Real Election Cybersecurity Reformation” ICIT provides the first analysis of this important amendment which provides states with the crucial funding necessary to modernize and secure election systems.  This analysis discusses, among other things:

  • Limiting access to election systems to qualified contractors
  • Securing voter registration logs
  • Auditing Election Processes
  • Secure Information Sharing to Mitigate Emerging Threats
  • Public Transparency and Intergovernmental Communication

This paper was authored by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT

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