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ICIT Analysis: “Facebook Poses a Massive Risk to National Security: But It’s Worse than You Think…”

Facebook National SecurityDragnet surveillance capitalists turned dragnet surveillance propagandists remain under-controlled to the point that they knowingly operate on a spectrum from criminally negligent to negligently criminal. While it is essential that negligent data brokers face the consequences for their nefarious activities, it is also vital that the underlying disease that founded the environment of their growth be addressed with a shift in cultural cyber-hygiene, meaningful legislation, and disruptive innovation.

In its most recent analysis, entitled “Facebook Poses a Massive Risk to National Security: But It’s Worse than You Think…”, ICIT dissects the threats posed by data brokers and dragnet surveillance capitalists, including discussions on:

  • How society became distracted by “Free Services” while privacy rights diminished
  • Intentionally misleading and vague legal policies and antiquated terms-of-service
  • The risk surveillance capitalists pose to national security and consumer safety
  • Common-sense online privacy rights
  • Legislation vs. Regulation

This analysis was authored by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT, CCIOS, CSWS.

Mr. Scott and other ICIT experts will speak at the Annual ICIT Forum being held June 18, 2018 in Washington D.C.




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