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ICIT Analysis – Equifax: America’s In-Credible Insecurity – Part One

Equifax A catastrophic breach of Equifax’s systems was inevitable because of systemic organizational disregard for cybersecurity and cyber-hygiene best practices, as well as Equifax’s reliance on unqualified executives for information security. While Equifax has proven itself to be a compromised, irresponsible data custodian, Experian, TransUnion, and other data brokers may be just as vulnerable, irresponsible, and compromised.

In this publication, entitled “Equifax: America’s In-Credible Insecurity – Part One: Yet Another Dragnet Surveillance Capitalist Cautionary Tale,” ICIT offers a detailed analysis of the Equifax breach and its response, as well as an assessment of what consumers and other data brokers must do to protect themselves.  Some of the items covered in this publication are:

  • Analysis of the Equifax breach and its incident response
  • Insights on the Equifax executives tasked with protecting its systems
  • A list of actions consumers can take in the wake of the breach
  • Technical and non-technical controls data brokers must implement to improve their cybersecurity posture and internal cyber hygiene

This publication was authored by James Scott, Sr. Fellow, ICIT




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