This publication and the abstract below was published by FAS (Federation Of American Scientists) on March 9, 2018. ICIT strongly encourages you to visit the FAS Publication Library to search for additional information security resources which are freely available.

Cybersecurity: Selected Issues for the 115th Congress

Cybersecurity issues are gaining national prominence, generating extensive media coverage, and affecting constituents nationwide. The frequency of cybersecurity incidents and their effects on the U.S. economy and national security has elevated congressional interest in cybersecurity issues.

This report provides an overview of cybersecurity concepts, the role of selected federal agencies in addressing cybersecurity threats, and a discussion of cybersecurity issues that may be of interest to Congress, including:

  • protecting critical infrastructure;
  • data breaches and data security;
  • education and training;
  • encryption;
  • information sharing;
  • insurance;
  • international issues;
  • the Internet of Things;
  • oversight of federal agency information technology; and
  • incident response.