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Electronic Privacy Information Center : Information Provided by DHS Regarding Russian Scanning was Incorrect

This publication and the abstract below was published by Electronic Privacy Information Center on September 27, 2017. ICIT strongly encourages you to visit the Electronic Privacy Information Center Publication Library to search for additional information security resources which are freely available.

Information Provided by DHS Regarding Russian Scanning was Incorrect

SACRAMENTO – California Secretary of State Alex Padilla issued the following statement. “Last Friday, my office was notified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that Russian cyber actors ‘scanned’ California’s Internet-facing systems in 2016, including Secretary of State websites. Following our request for further information, it became clear that DHS’ conclusions were wrong.”

“DHS confirmed that Russian scanning activity had actually occurred on the California Department of Technology statewide network, not any Secretary of State website. Based on this additional information, California voters can further rest assured that the California Secretary of State elections infrastructure and websites were not hacked or breached by Russian cyber actors.”

“Our notification from DHS last Friday was not only a year late, it also turned out to be bad information. To make matters worse, the Associated Press similarly reported that DHS has reversed itself and ‘now says Russia didn’t target Wisconsin’s voter registration system,’ which is contrary to previous briefings.”

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