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Don Adcock (CIO, Acting, Department of Energy); Parham Eftekhari (Co-Founder & Sr. Fellow, ICIT). Click here for more photos


March 4, 2015:  Last week, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) hosted their monthly Fellow Meeting. The featured thought leader was Donald Adcock, Chief Information Officer (Acting) for the Department of Energy.

In the discussion, Mr. Adcock called for organizations to add “breadth” to their “Defense in Depth” strategies as a means to improve upon the concept.  The inclusion of the breadth component includes adding layers of security, both physical and technological, to address issues such as insider threats and taking new approaches to existing programs such as supply chain risk management to make them more impactful.  Mr. Adcock spoke in particular about his agency’s application of IT Asset Management (ITAM) as a means to improve its security posture, a success story which has been widely reported by industry journals.

Mr. Adcock was encouraged by the amount of attention cybersecuruty is receiving in the current Administration, saying: “This Administration is all about cybersecurity…It [cybersecurity] is absolutely paramount in every conversation inside and outside the White House.”

Mr. Adcock also outlined his personal opinions on successful cyber legislation. He stated that effective cyberlaw would drive change not just in cyberdefense, but across the entire security sector: “Cyber legislation needs to be specific and broad. It needs depth and breadth. Don’t write insider threat law; write security law. If people start looking at it as a multifaceted component, then it will get attention…This is not just a cyber issue.”

At the meeting, Parham Eftekhari, Sr. Fellow and Co-Founder of ICIT, also welcomed four new ICIT Fellows:  Hewlett Packard (HP), (ISC)2 , New Light Technologies, and Dr. Kafi Wilson M.H.A.  Mr. Eftekhari also recognized the meeting Host, Troux, who was invited specifically because it provided the ITAM technology the Department of Energy used as part of its successful Defense in Depth and Breadth strategy.

“Hearing Mr. Adcock discuss the threats to his agency underscores the urgent need for policymakers to have access to cutting edge cybersecurity research and expertise.” said Mr. Eftekhari after the meeting.  “ICIT is honored to provide this service to the legislative community and is proud to announce our new Fellows, who bring a wealth of resources and thought leadership to support and protect our nation’s critical infrastructures.”

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About ICIT: The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (www.ICITech.org) is a non-partisan think tank advising the legislative and federal community on technology and cybersecurity issues.  ICIT Fellows provide expert opinions and recommendations on technology legislation as well as general thought leadership to Senate / House members, congressional staffers and committees and caucuses through ICIT briefings and other direct engagements with the community. 

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