This is the first in a series of publications that will explore various aspects of today’s pervasive “Deploy Now, Patch Later” culture and its impact on national security and sector resiliency. 

To better protect critical infrastructure and essential systems, the Pentagon recently announced its intention to begin awarding contracts based on security assessments as well as cost and performance. The strategy, referred to as “Deliver Uncompromised,” is detailed in a proposal by Mitre which contains suggested courses of action that quantify risk, dismantle intra- and inter-government information silos, and prioritize threat mitigation.

While the “Deliver Uncompromised” proposal was created to address specific concerns for the Department of Defense and the IT components of its weapons systems, its principles and many of its “Courses of Actions” can be applied to suppliers in all critical infrastructure sectors.  In this brief, entitled “Deliver Uncompromised: Pentagon Leadership Can Improve Supply Chain Security Across the Nation,” ICIT discusses the importance of “Deliver Uncompromised” not only to the defense industrial base, but to the national conversation around supply chain security. This analysis includes a discussion on:

  • Why “Deliver Uncompromised” can abate security-by-design apathy
  • A summary of “Deliver Uncompromised”
  • What non-DoD organizations can glean from “Deliver Uncompromised”
  • Recommendations for Suppliers and Buyers

Download This Brief Here

Click here to read Mitre’s Deliver Uncompromised Proposal.