One of the most underreported yet greatest national security impacts resulting from the 2018-2019 government shutdown will be the unmeasurable loss of an entire generation of cybersecurity professionals who may exit the federal workforce or not consider it a viable career path in the first place. Now, due to the impact of the shutdown, the public sector will need to offer significant incentives to attract emerging cyber talent as well as to retain its current personnel. These should include actions that restore confidence in current and future cybersecurity professionals in the security of their jobs such as deeming cybersecurity workers as essential personnel, therefore shielding them from the impacts of any future shutdowns.

In this brief, entitled “Cyber Personnel Are Essential Staff: Federal Recruitment & Retention in Post Shutdown America,” the Insitute for Critical Infrastructure Technology will discuss what steps the government should take in the wake of the shutdown to address it’s growing cybersecurity personnel obstacles.

Topics discussed include:

  • How the government shutdown impacted cybersecurity recruitment and retention
  • If emerging talent will be hesitant to enter the public sector
  • Suggestions on how the Government can retain and recruit cyber talent

The authors would like to thank the following ICIT Fellows for their advisement and expertise around supply chain security. The views expressed in this paper is that of the authors, not that of the Fellows listed below.

  • Don Maclean, ICIT Fellow & Chief Cyber Security Technologist, DLT
  • Robert Wood, ICIT Fellow & Chief Security Officer, Simon Data

Download the paper HERE.

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