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ICIT On-Demand – Interactive Security Testing, DevSecOps, and NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5

Panelists Include: Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, [...]

ICIT Fellow Perspective – A Holistic Approach to Application Development and Digital Security for the Enterprise

In continued support of our mission to cultivate a [...]

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ICIT On-Demand – The COVID-19 Checklist: Detailed Steps to Better Protect Your Organization

Panelists Include: - Dave Summit, CISO, [...]

ICIT Fellow Perspective – Moving Target Defense: “Staying Ahead of the Enemy”

In continued support of our mission to cultivate a [...]

ICIT Bright Minds: Deconstructing Vendor AI Exaggerations with Pete Slade, ICIT Fellow and ThreatWarrior Founder and CTO

In continued support of our mission to cultivate a [...]

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NCSC: The National Counterintelligence Strategy of the U.S. 2020-2022

On February 10, 2020, the National Counterintelligence and Security [...]

The Business Value of a Diverse InfoSec Team: A Discussion on How Gender, Racial, Cognitive, and LGBTQ Diversity Improves Cybersecurity Outcomes

ICIT Diversity in Cybersecurity National security and critical infrastructure [...]

The Road to Mobility: The 2020 Guide to Trends and Technology for Smart Cities and Transportation

ICIT Certified Content: This Blackberry publication contains expert insights [...]

ICIT Bright Minds: The Role of SMBs on DIB Cybersecurity With Ernie Magnotti, CISO, Leonardo DRS

In continued support of our mission to cultivate a [...]

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Modernization Requires Leadership: Leading the way to Cloud Security, Zero Trust, and Threat Intelligence

In Modernization Requires Leadership: Leading the way to Cloud [...]

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Executive Briefing Series: Managing IT Complexities in a Multi-cloud World

ICIT CERTIFIED:  This brief from ICIT Fellow Circle Member [...]

Did China Just Legalize Espionage?: Recent Provisions to Chinese Law Increases Risk to Multinational Organizations Operating in China

Under new provisions to China’s 2017 National Cybersecurity Law [...]

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Cyber Personnel Are Essential Staff: Federal Recruitment & Retention in Post Shutdown America

One of the most underreported yet greatest national security [...]

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What we Learned from the Bloomberg-SuperMicro Debate: Industry’s Inability to Definitively Prove Supply Chain Security Highlights a Need for Radical Change

Supply chain security was a pressing problem long before [...]

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Where the East Meets the West: How Western Internet and Modern Communications Technology Helped Soviet-style Propaganda in Donbass

This document is published as part of ICIT's Contributor [...]

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