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Weapons of Mass Disruption: An Assessment of the Threat Disruptionware Poses to Energy Sector Continuity

Previously, cyberattacks resulting in the targeted disruption of electricity [...]

The Healthcare Research Security Pandemic: Threats to Patient Care, National Security, and the Economy

Today more than ever, millions of lives depend on [...]

The Business Value of a Diverse InfoSec Team: A Discussion on How Gender, Racial, Cognitive, and LGBTQ Diversity Improves Cybersecurity Outcomes

ICIT Diversity in Cybersecurity National security and critical infrastructure [...]

Modernization Requires Leadership: Leading the way to Cloud Security, Zero Trust, and Threat Intelligence

In Modernization Requires Leadership: Leading the way to Cloud [...]

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The Rise of Disruptionware: A Cyber-Physical Threat to Operational Technology Environments

In "The Rise of Disruptionware: A Cyber-Physical Threat to [...]

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D.C. Takes On Energy Sector Threats: A Summary of Recent Agency and Congressional Efforts

Cybersecurity researchers often walk a fine line between objectively [...]

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Did China Just Legalize Espionage?: Recent Provisions to Chinese Law Increases Risk to Multinational Organizations Operating in China

Under new provisions to China’s 2017 National Cybersecurity Law [...]

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Cyber Personnel Are Essential Staff: Federal Recruitment & Retention in Post Shutdown America

One of the most underreported yet greatest national security [...]

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The USB Threat No One is Talking About: Research on Firmware-Based Attacks Reveals the Urgent Need to Improve Supply Chain Security for all USB-Enabled Devices

This is the second in a series of publications [...]

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Where the East Meets the West: How Western Internet and Modern Communications Technology Helped Soviet-style Propaganda in Donbass

This document is published as part of ICIT's Contributor [...]

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