Expert Briefings & Roundtable Collaboration on Counterintelligence, DevOps, Supply Chain Security

Think Tank Led Education Where You Are In Charge

Defending against today’s threats requires more than listening.  It requires actively engaging with experts and peers to discuss your challenges, share solutions, and build the relationships that are the key to long-term success.  ICIT, a non-profit cybersecurity think tank, has created an efficient and unique format for government and critical infrastructure leaders to learn from their peers and have structured dialogue to exchange information and share knowledge.

 What Sets ICIT Briefings Apart?

  • No Sponsors: No vendor product sessions or table-top booths
  • Roundtable Collaboration: 2 hours of roundtable sessions built into the program
  • In Depth: 40-minute briefings give experts time to provide details
  • Efficient: Be back to work before lunch
  • Intimate: 75-seat capacity ensures opportunities for meaningful conversations and networking
  • Continuing Education:  Earn 3 Hours Continuing Education from ICIT

The Curriculum will Include:

  • Top National Security Threats
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Hybrid IT Management
  • Security and Risk Governance
  • Enterprise DevOps (Application Security)
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Privacy
  • Data Security

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