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The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) is a 501c3, next-generation cybersecurity think tank cultivating a cybersecurity renaissance for our Nation’s critical infrastructure community. 


Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology acts as a conduit between the private sector, federal agencies and the legislative community.  We facilitate a powerful platform of programs, cutting edge research and initiatives that support the exchange of ideas and provide a forum for our members to engage in the open, non-partisan discourse needed to effectively support and protect our country’s critical infrastructures.  ICIT understands that through generative and focused dialogue, private sector companies will be better able to provide the technologies needed by government and critical infrastructure leaders responsible for building, managing and securing vital sectors of our economy such as healthcare, finance, energy, transportation and defense.
ICIT bridges the gap between the legislative community, federal agencies and critical infrastructure industry leaders by engaging the most innovative technology providers in key areas including Cybersecurity, Internet-of-Things, Industrial Control Systems, Health IT, and Advanced Analytics. Our initiatives assist in improving efficiency and resiliency for critical infrastructures by pressing the evolution of innovative technologies that will provide maximum impact to our Nation and its allies.
Together, industry and government can successfully defend against our Nation’s adversaries by developing strategies to maximize resources, leverage expertise, best use technology, and strategically align resources to support common missions and goals.