NASA Ames Research Center

ICIT Fellows convene to discuss NextGen cybersecurity with NASA Ames, Army Cyber Institute, Blackberry

At the closed door October 2015 Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology Fellows Meeting, Fellows and government leaders convened to discuss the top threats facing critical infrastructure sectors and the technologies and strategies which can mitigate risk.  The top challenges identified include an expanding attack surface driven by IoT and increases in mobile devices, better organized .. read more

ICIT Fellow Meeting: NextGen Cybersecurity w/NASA Ames CIO; Army Cyber Institute

NextGen Cybersecurity to Defend the Nation’s Critical Infrastructures  Today’s most sophisticated security minds understand that their defenses will be breached.  Evolving security strategies are now focused on technologies which detect threats and unauthorized access while creating a series of obstacles to slow down the attackers ability to exfiltrate data in order to give network administrators time to stop the attack. .. read more