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The 2018 ICIT Annual Forum: The Cybersecurity Renaissance Is Here

Public and private critical infrastructure sectors are relentlessly pummeled by nation-state, mercenary, criminal and cyber jihadists who pilfer poorly architected networks and exploit vulnerabilities in software and devices built without adhering to principles of security-by-design. These bad actors steal data for economic gain or counterintelligence purposes and victimize citizens whose inadequately protected PII is exfiltrated and used .. read more

Overcoming Event Fatigue: ICIT Programs Offer a Platform for True Thought Leader Collaboration

by James Scott (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) & Parham Eftekhari (Sr. Fellow, ICIT) The rapid outbreak of cyber threats over the past few years has resulted in an abundance of events that promote faux experts and ineffective silver bullet solutions, often hosted by organizations who are more focused on luring in massive crowds of attendees and .. read more