Research Reports & Legislative Briefs

Facebook Poses a Massive Risk to National Security: But It’s Worse than You Think…

Information Warfare:  The Meme is the Embryo of the Narrative Illusion

Hacking Cyborgs:  By 2025, Non-Augmented Humans Will Be Obsolete. But There’s Bad News…

HHS’ HCCIC Takes a Quantum Leap Forward to Secure the Health Sector:  A Fortunate Solution to the Rampant Risk of Minimalistic, Self-Governing Bureaucracy

Metadata:  The Most Potent Weapon in This Cyber War – The New Cyber-Kinetic-Meta War

Next Generation Defenses for a Hyper Evolving Threat Landscape: An Anthology of ICIT Fellow Essays Volume I

In 2017, The Insider Threat Epidemic Begins

Rise of the Machines:  The Dyn Attack Was Just a Practice Run

Your Life, Repackaged and Resold: The Deep Web Exploitation of Health Sector Breach Victims

The Energy Sector Hacker Report:  Profiling the Hacker Groups that Threaten our Nation’s Energy Sector

China’s Espionage Dynasty:  Economic Death by a Thousand Cuts

The Anatomy of Cyber-Jihad:  Cyberspace is the New Great Equalizer

Combatting the Ransomware Blitzkrieg: The Only Defense is a Layered Defense – Layer One: Endpoint Security

The ICIT Ransomware Report:  2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage

Hacking Healthcare IT in 2016:  Lessons the Healthcare Industry can Learn from the OPM Breach

Who’s Behind the Wheel: Exposing the Vulnerabilities and Risks of High Tech Vehicles

Moving Forward: How Victims can Regain Control and Mitigate Threats in the Wake of the OPM Breach

Preparing the Battlefield: The Coming Espionage Culture Post OPM Breach

Handing Over the Keys to the Castle:  OPM Demonstrates that Antiquated Security Practices Harm National Security

Keeping Smart Cities Smart:  Preempting Cyber Attacks Against U.S. Cities

Preventative Measures- Ensuring Information Security Prior to mHealth Development

Analysis of H.R. 1560 Title I (Protecting Cyber Networks Act) and Title II (H.R. 1731 – National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act)

Threat Information Sharing: CISA, ISAO/ISACs, Privacy

HR691 Telehealth Modernization Act of 2015

Cybersecurity & Information Sharing Portal

HR3696 – National Critical Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Protection Act of 2014

ICIT Brief:  Dispelling the Fear of IT Modernization

ICIT Analysis:  The CLOUD Act  

Carbanak Threatens Critical Infrastructure: Cybercriminal APTs Merit Significant Investigation and Discussion

Equifax: The Hazards of Dragnet Surveillance Capitalism Part 2: Just Another Data Breach? Or C-Suite Criminal Negligence?

Equifax: America’s In-Credible Insecurity – Part One: Yet Another Dragnet Surveillance Capitalist Cautionary Tale

The Graham-Klobuchar Amendment Can Secure Election Infrastructure: It’s Time for Real Election Cybersecurity Reformation

I Got 99 Problems But A Breach Ain’t One

The Surveillance State & Censorship Legislation Conundrum: Dragnet Surveillance & Censorship Legislation Will Do Nothing to Eliminate Cyber Jihad & Lone Wolf Recruiting

America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera?

The Cyber Shield Act

Sowing the Seeds of U.S. Cyber Talent

S.J.Res.34 is the Introduction of Privatized Censorship

How to Crush the Health Sector’s Ransomware Pandemic: The Machine Learning Based Artificial Intelligence Revolution Starts Now!

Cybersecurity in Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations

Signature Based Malware Detection is Dead

ICIT Publication:  Dragnet Surveillance Nation: How Data Brokers Sold Out America

The Cybersecurity Show Must Go On:  Surpassing Security Theatre and Minimal Compliance Regulations

Identity and Access Management Solutions: Automating Cybersecurity While Embedding Pervasive and Ubiquitous Cyber-Hygiene-by-Design

Hacking Elections is Easy!  Part 2: Psst! Wanna Buy a National Voter Database?  Hacking E-Voting Systems Was Just the Beginning

ICIT Analysis:  Hacking Elections is Easy! Part 1:  Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Utilizing the NSA’s CSfC Process:  Protecting National Security Systems with Commercial Layered Solutions

CISO Solution Fatigue – Overcoming the Challenges of Cybersecurity Solution Overload

ICIT Analysis: The Wound Collectors – Profiling the Self Radicalized Lone-Wolf Terrorist

American ISIS:  Analysis of the Orlando Jihadist and Lone-Wolf Attacks

NIST SP 800-160: For the Rest of Us  – An ICIT Summary


ICIT Talking Points: “Is the OPM Data Breach the Tip of the Iceberg?”


Defense in Depth:  A Requirement for Every Health Organization


Your Critical Infrastructure Security Program will Fail Without Security Awareness Training

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