Legislative Advising & Thought Leadership Initiatives – Expertise Needed

Who is ICIT?  ICIT is a 501c3, next generation cybersecurity think tank that advises the legislative community, federal agencies and critical infrastructure leaders on the country’s most pressing technology and cybersecurity issues. ICIT Fellows provide expertise and research in support of the Institute’s initiatives and publications focused on critical infrastructure sectors including government, healthcare, finance, energy, and critical manufacturing.

What does ‘Advising’ Mean?  Policymakers, journalists and IT leaders need access to objective, trusted expertise to fulfill the mission of their organizations.  ICIT’s publications, advisory meetings and forums  are a conduit between technology and critical infrastructure providers (you), decision makers and influencers, providing the critical infrastructure community the expertise they need.

Where does ICIT’s Media Network Fit In? We believe that knowledge should be liberated and shared with the community.  Through our Media Network of news sites and associated social media properties, ICIT tactfully promotes the thought leadership of it’s Fellows throughout the country and across the world.  With a combined reach in the hundreds of thousands, ICIT Fellows are quickly recognized as national thought leaders in their industry niche.

  • Inclusion in ICIT Briefs and Publications
  • Advisory Meetings with Members of Congress and Federal Agencies
  • Speaking at ICIT Forums and Meetings
  • ICIT Podcasts
  • ICIT “Lunch and Learn” Host
Examples of ICIT Fellow Experience

Current Fellows includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FireEye, Philips, ForcePoint by Raytheon, (ISC)2, ISACA Securonix and more.


To find out more about the ICIT Fellow Program email us and someone will contact you within 24 hours.



Critical Infrastructure Provider Experts Needed from:
  • Government Sector
  • Healthcare & Public Health Sector
  • Financial Sector

    ICIT Fellow Meeting with Congressman Davis

  • Energy Sector
  • Communications Sector
  • Information Technology Sector
  • Critical Manufacturing Sector


Technology Provider Experts Needed in:
  • Cybersecurity
    • SIEM, Intelligent Analytics, Encryption, Insider Threats, Breach Detection, Assessment, DLP, Strategy, Access Management, Cyberwar
  • Health IT
    • EHR, Informatics, Security, Population Health, Patient Engagement mHealth, Telemedicine, Rural Health, Compliance,
  • Data:  Analytics, Transfer, and Storage
  • Technology Strategy: Asset Management, Cloud, Legal Compliance
  • Retail:  POS and Retail Establishments
  • Smart Grid Technology and Energy Sector Security
  • Transaction Technologies
  • Communications:  ISPs, Carriers and Infrastructure
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Engineering in Critical Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things

To find out more about the ICIT Fellow Program complete this form and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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