ICIT Initiatives bridge the gap between the legislative community, federal agencies, critical infrastructure organizations, and technology providers by providing powerful forums for education, meaningful collaboration, and relationship building.


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ICIT initiatives combine publications, non-partisan advisory, and meaningful peer-to-peer collaboration to arm public and private sector leaders with bleeding edge cybersecurity solutions.  The ICIT Members supporting these initiatives work hand-in-hand with critical infrastructure, legislative, and agency leaders to shape meaningful cybersecurity policies and implement solutions to improve critical infrastructure resiliency and national security.


Current Initiatives


Nationwide Commercial Sector Briefings & Roundtable Collaboration – ICIT has identified a need for increased opportunities that offer critical infrastructure leaders from across all 16 sectors the opportunity to meaningfully engage with peers and experts in an environment that balances structured education with informal collaboration. To address this need, it has successfully hosted a series of briefings in 5 major cities across the U.S. and is expanding to an additional 15 cities during the remainder of 2018.


Cyber Hygiene Education for Critical Infrastructure Personnel – Non-technical personnel can develop into a significant vulnerability or a strong line of cyber defense to an organization.  The outcome ultimately lies in the organization’s commitment to cyber hygiene training for its employees.  ICIT is developing a series of cyber hygiene training tools to support improved cyber hygiene education for critical infrastructure personnel.


Expansion of the ICIT Fellow Program to Critical Infrastructure Sector Experts – To meet the growing demand for its expertise and add to the Institute’s digital library of content, ICIT has expanded its Fellow Program to formally engage with members of critical infrastructure sectors.  As Fellows, these experts will contribute to ICIT by sharing their experience and knowledge through various ICIT engagements including publications, briefings, cyber eTalks, and events. ICIT is currently conducting research to identify experts to invite to its Fellows Program.


To participate in these initiatives please contact ICIT